We've seen it all.

The gimmicky, the cheap, and the over priced.
And trust us, we've tried them all too. The bags that come with a dozen bells and whistles that barely last a season. Those from the big-box you can tear apart with your own hands.

And we're sick and tired, so we've taken matters into our own hands.

The Edge Zero mission is to engineer gear that take us to our final destination, repeatedly, and without fail. We believe in "buy it once", and investing in tools that last generations. In this climate of consumerism and impulse buys, society has forgotten that our gear should empower us.

Based in Seattle, Washington, our team of engineers, designers, and outdoorsmen put decades of knowledge and experience to work to chase this mission. Our goal is to combine the ingenuity of modern technology and the grit of human perseverance to create hyper-durable and reliable gear that lasts generations.
Join us on our mission below.