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MT6 Duffel Backpack + Free Squad Kit

$249.00 $299.00 saving $50.00
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MT6 Duffel Backpack + Free Squad Kit

$249.00 $299.00 saving $50.00
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In production. Deliveries begin March 2022*.

Receive a free Squad Kit, including a YETI® Rambler 20 oz tumbler and portable USB charger by Goal Zero**. Shipped 2 days after you pre-order a MT6 Duffel. Welcome to the EdgeZero squad. 💪

  • Extreme Strength & Durability: Triple-layer shell with ballistic nylon, PVC coat, with micro-plated exterior. Strengthened with 4" industrial-grade nylon straps
  • Detachable ergonomic shoulder straps tethered by metal G-hooks
  • Easy-grip Handles: Reinforcedwith large thermo press grips
  • Water Resistant: PVC-coated interior 
  • Carry-on or Checked : Perfect for travel luggage with 40-liter capacity 


  • Inner mesh pocket: 10" x 6"
  • Product weight: 3.75 lbs
  • Product dimensions: H 20” x W 13” x D 9.5" 
  • Protected by Limited Lifetime warranty

*See Guaranteed Delivery
**Available for new pre-order customers in the U.S. only. See Squad Kit

  • Ergonomic Fit Backpack

    The double-cushion ergonomic backpack straps sit comfortably around your shoulder, giving you extended comfort for long distance travel.

  • Mission Ready

    The MT6 duffel backpack is designed to house your most important gear for whenever you need it, wherever you are.

  • Convertible Duffel

    Backpack straps can be quickly removed to convert to convert the bag to a duffel. The heavy duty thermo press handle makes the bag an easy travel companion.


The MT6 duffel backpack's key features

  • Carry-On or Check-In

    The bag is 40-liters, perfect for air travel. Designed to fit standard carry-on compartment, and durable for check-in.

  • Designed to Last Forever

    Extremely durable and water-resistant to handle any situation. Hyper-resistant to cut, abrasion, and puncture. Built with military- and industrial-grade materials.

  • Convenience & Comfort

    Ergonomic backpack straps with extra-thick shoulder padding to provide comfort on-the-move. Straps are removable, tethered by metal G-hooks for durability.

  • Free Squad Kit with Pre-order

    New pre-order U.S. customers receive a free YETI® Rambler 20-oz tumbler and portable USB power bank. Shipped within 2 days after your pre-order.



We've all had our bad experiences with duffels, from the cheap ones online, to the name brands that last a season. And trust us, we've tried them all. We got so sick and tired of the junk, that we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We've designed a bag that lasts forever, made with next-gen materials technology and reinforced with military & industrial grade fabrics. And we tested it to death to make sure we get it right.


The bag is built with three key industrial and military-grade components:

The outer shell is made in partnership with SuperFabric®. Covered by tiny guard plates, this is hyper-resistant to cut and abrasion. Our team has rigorously tested this with power drills, chain saws, and even dragging it down the road for miles.

The base is made with two layers of ballistic nylon. This was developed by the U.S. Military to protect against artillery fragments. This provides resistance to puncture and tensile strength to hold the bag together.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve reinforced the bag with 4-inch, 11-tonne rated nylon straps around the perimeter of the bag, and used cut-resistant thread to hold down these components.


Don't just take our word for it. Our bags have been reviewed and reported on by over 200 news sites, influencers, and early beta customers.


Reviews from our early beta customers:

I can't believe how tough this thing is. I've been taking it everywhere I go.

The simplicity is perfect. No useless bells and whistles, just pure toughness. Love it.

It looks great and it's incredibly strong. I've been waiting for something like this for a while.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Melissa S.
Great present for hubby

He likes to hunt so this perfect for his gear. Can’t wait!!

Braden T.
Definitely a keeper

Got mine sent today even though preorder shipping was next year (?). The bag is just as advertised. Bag is plenty thick and stitches are really sturdy. The backpack straps are a little stiff, but they seem like the tough foam that needs to get broken in, so may need to take a couple wears. All the components seem high quality. The hooks that hold the back pack straps are nice cause it’s metal and my bags always seem to come off at the straps.
One thing that bothers me is the bag is a little stiff. The outer material is great, and feels almost like tiny but smooth pebbles. Seems like it’ll handle a good deal of damage, but it’s a bit rugged for every day use. But I’m definitely going to use this for camping and traveling, it will hold up well. I can’t say how durable it is, as time will tell. But I am definitely using it for luggage when I travel and go camping.

Don C.
Literally no better bag

Worth every penny. This is the last bag I'm going to use for the rest of my life.

John D.
Never getting another bag again

It's literally the best bag ever. It looks great and just big enough to take anywhere. I've ben using it to go to the gym and took it with me on my last flight. Thanks so much guys for including me in the beta!

Brad S.
Would recommend

Nice bag. Fits all my stuff nicely